Kim Kay - Work in Progress
Kim Kay – Work in Progress

Kim Kay was born in Kenya, and spent her early life growing up between the coastal region and the outskirts of Nairobi.  Regular trips into the various National Parks and wildlife areas firmly imprinted a secure love for wildlife and the magnificent outdoors on her.  Kim’s work can best be described as illustrative naturalism.  Specialising in oil paint and charcoal, she started painting at an early age with her grandmother who was herself a fine artist and illustrator. Kim is persistent with exploring new boundaries and experimenting with medium, composition and subject on her quest to translate her artistic inspirations.

Kim’s subject choice reflects her time spent outdoors encompassing Landscapes, Seascapes, Plant life, Birdlife and Wildlife.  Her recent works intends to communicate her fondness and enthusiasm for wildlife, Africa and it’s conservation.

Kim has exhibited in Johannesburg, Nelspruit & White River, London, and lately completed commissioned works illustrating bronze sculptures of Leopards at Leopard Creek Malelane.   She continues to send to works worldwide and supports wildlife charities and initiatives throughout the country.

“My recent works with Charcoal have been an exciting process of the understanding that simplicity denotes the elegance of subject.  Using an  illustrative medium like charcoal and finding the essence of the subject through the use of value and line is very rewarding.  There’s something remarkable about taking a burnt piece of wood which is of the earth, and creating an artwork that evokes and conveys some of the deepest emotions of a human experience – that really is magic!

It’s a true blessing to take my Grandfather’s life work in Conservation, together with my Grandmother’s life work as an artist, and have them converge as one into my life story as an artist.  I am inspired by the natural world, and am motivated through the preservation of it – not only through depiction, but also the protection of it in most recent times. My artworks are mirrors and echoes of the snap shots in time that I have been privileged to experience within the ‘wilds’. These creations are quite simply vehicles with which I gifted to share along my safaris of life.

A tribute…